Space Maker

Let's make your home your sanctuary!

I know, I get it. We're all busy ... life begins to pile up, our home starts to feel like a hot mess (where is that other glove!?!) and we just can't catch up! I've been there and I have these amazing silver streaks in my hair to prove it. I'm here for you. I'm here to help you thrive in your home, so you can reach your fullest potential.

Let's meet for a free 1 hour in-home consultation, so we can discuss what you need and how I can help you. If it feels right for you, I can begin to work on a plan that is in alignment with your lifestyle. We will be looking at long term goals and creating a FUNctional home that will sustain you, your family and well-being.

Please email mail to get started on your journey.

 Services offered may include:

  • Space Planning and Intentional Design
  • Organizing and Letting Go
  • Sorting and Cleaning
  • Streamlining High Traffic Areas
  • Energy Clearing and Reiki


Free 1-hour in-home consultation

$65  per hour

$220  4-hour package

$400  8-hour package