Heart Warmer/ Relaxation Pillow

Heart Warmer/ Relaxation Pillow

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Applies gentle pressure around the heart and chest area. Use to ground and induce relaxation. May be helpful in stressful situations when things need to settle. May also be used anywhere else on the body. Place on lower back or belly to soothe away aches.

Warm in the microwave for about 1 minute, test and repeat (in increments of 30 seconds) to desired warmth.

Do not overheat. Do not wet. Spot clean only.

For cold therapy, freeze for several hours.

I recommend placing pillow in a large ziplock bag, storage container or wrapping in a towel/cloth before placing in freezer.

Cotton fabric, filled with organic flax seeds and French lavender buds.

~10" x 11"

For questions or custom orders, email me:

Orel Zwiebel ~ orelzwiebel@gmail.com